Local Cafe's In The Spotlight - The Leafy Bean Townsville

Local Cafe's In The Spotlight - The Leafy Bean Townsville - Cashmere Syrups

The Leafy Bean Cafe Townsville 

Small businesses are a huge part of Australia, and Australians traditionally love helping small businesses out.

Here at Cashmere Syrups, we are a small business that appreciates all the support we receive from our loyal customers, and in return, we want to give back to some of the small businesses that support us by stocking our syrups! 

The Leafy Bean Cafe is a small local cafe located in Townsville, North Queensland.

They stock a range of our syrups, and if you are looking for somewhere local to try our syrups before you try them, it would be a great place to visit! 

We had Peita, the owner of The Leafy Bean, answer some questions about the Cafe so we could get to know them a bit more. 

How long have you been running The Leafy Bean?

"I’ve been running my business since 2017.

I started out with a coffee van and just this year branched out from the van and into this tiny cafe. 

You can find us at 410 Ross River Road Cranbrook, Townsville."

How long have you been using Cashmere Syrups?

"I have only started using the syrups in June this year. I saw a Facebook Ad and decided to give them a go.

My favourite flavour is Caramel, but most of my customers actually go for Vanilla. 

My go to coffee is actually an iced long black with a dash of caramel."

Here is a photo of our syrups in their cafe! 

If you had to visit one place in the world where would it be?

"I couldn’t choose - there are so many places i’d love to visit!"

If you live in Townsville, or are ever visiting, make sure you check out The Leafy Bean!

You can find them on Instagram @the_leafy_bean_cafe

The team at Cashmere Syrups is very grateful for all the support we get from our customers, especially other Australian small businesses.