The Cashmere Blend - Ethically Sourced Specialty Coffee
The Cashmere Blend - Ethically Sourced Specialty Coffee

The Cashmere Blend - Ethically Sourced Specialty Coffee

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Looking for the perfect coffee bean to go with your favourite coffee syrups? You’re in luck!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Bancroft Roasters to bring you The Cashmere Blend, a specialty blend of ethically sourced coffee bean that has been specifically created to complement the taste of our syrups.

It’s a gorgeously smooth blend with notes of Chocolate, Honey and Hazelnut, and the aroma you get from this coffee is just divine.

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Tasting Notes

Roast Degree | Medium to Dark

Origins | Guatemala - India - Papua New Guinea - El Salvador

Varietals |  Bourbon |  Typica

Roasted On | Loring S15

Usage Instructions

Simply add the beans to your coffee grinder or machine and enjoy the smooth taste of The Cashmere Blend. For best quality and freshness, only grind your beans on demand. Don’t grind ahead of time - as with any beans, this will cause them to lose potency.

Store in a cool, dry place for short term usage. For long term storage, you can freeze your coffee beans, just ensure that you completely seal the bag and don’t refreeze after defrosting.

Please note: The date on the packet is the date the coffee was roasted, not the expiry date. Coffee does not generally expire but the most optimal time window from roasting is within 28 days. That being said, you can freeze your coffee as per above to extend its quality.


About Bancroft Roasters

Bancroft Roasters are a boutique specialty roaster based in Brisbane.

Their mission is:

"To ethically and sustainably source quality coffee, roast it with the utmost care and consideration, and provide it to like-minded businesses, alongside service of the highest calibre."

You can find more about how Bancroft Roasters source their coffee here.