Win Your Week #1 - Cold Showers!

Win Your Week #1 - Cold Showers!

Throughout 2021, we will be beginning a series of articles aimed at assisting you in conquering your week! 

These articles will consist of a range of tips, habits, or routines, aimed at increasing mindfulness, wellness, productivity, and overall health. 

So make sure you're keeping up with our Win Your Week blog throughout the year for all of our best advice for your wellbeing! 

Our first edition will be the benefits of cold showers.

For many people, even the thought of taking a cold shower is torture! 

However, it is believed that having cold showers at least a few times a week can lead to a variety of nice health benefits.

If you aren't too concerned about the health benefits, at the very least they are a great way to properly wake up and get moving in the mornings. 


You'll increase endorphins 

Cold showers actually send electrical impulses to your brain. 

This will in turn increase energy levels, alertness, and mental clarity. 

Endorphins are sometimes referred to as ‚Äúhappiness hormones‚ÄĚ.¬†

These are also released into your brain during cold showers, leading to feelings of well-being and optimism. 

A clinical trial hosted by Dr. Shevchuk showed that taking cold showers up to 5 minutes, 2 to 3 times weekly, even helped relieve symptoms of depression. 


They’ll boost your metabolism!

It is not commonly known that there are actually two types of fat - brown and white. 

White fat is your common fat that can lead to medical conditions like obesity and diabetes. 

However everyone contains brown fat. 

Healthy levels of brown fat can lead to indication of healthier levels of white fat. 

Guess what, brown fat is activated by cold temperature exposure! 

So by cold showering a few times a week, you actually may increase your metabolism, and in the long run lose a bit of weight. 


You'll be better odds to fight off common illness!

Cold showers have plenty of other benefits also, like the ability to fight off common illnesses such as a cold and the flu.

The shock of exposing your body to cold water will activate leukocytes.

Leukocytes help fight infections within your body and will help build your resistance against these common illnesses. 

A trial in the Netherlands even found that those who took cold showers took less days off work!

It is recommended trying a cold shower in the mornings - even if it's just the last minute or so of your normal shower. 

Also, make sure to check out our wonderful range of coffee syrups! 

A warm coffee is usually the perfect post-cold shower brew, and it’s even better when flavoured!