New Years Eve Cocktail's You'll LOVE!

New Years Eve Cocktail's You'll LOVE!

What better way to celebrate the end of the year than with these fun New Year’s Eve cocktails?

You'll WOW party guests with these classic cocktail recipes. Whether you like fruity martini's or something more traditional, there's a cocktail for every taste! And there's no better time to try something new than at New Year's Eve.

There are plenty of sweet and lots of sour recipes. Plus, quite a few that will knock your socks off. So, here’s our pick on what to shake, middle and stir on the party night of the year! 

Let’s get mixing!

Layered Daiquiri Cocktail

You don’t need to travel to a tropical island to sip on a frozen layered daiquiri this summer. This Sunset Daiquiri is a classic and popular fruity cocktail that tastes of sweet strawberries and magical mango. They are a refreshing and fun drink perfect for sitting by the pool!

Get your hands on our Strawberry and Mango Daiquiri cocktail mixers to get started.

Watch the how to recipe video here or below. 

Pink Lady Cocktail

The 'Pink Lady' is a classic cocktail with a light blush of colour that's deliciously tangy rather than as sweet as modern martinis. It's perfect for a romantic cocktail night in! Here's our super simple recipe for you and that special someone.

And the best bit? You only need is a bottle of Gin and our Cosmo cocktail mix to make this one happen.

Watch the video here.

Spicy Watermelon Mezcal Margarita

There's no better way to kick off summer than with this Spicy Watermelon Mezcal Margarita recipe! It’s super easy to make (no cocktail shaker required!), and its vibrant colours just scream 'HOLIDAYS'!

Thanks to the Watermelon Sunrise syrup, it’s naturally sweet, and with plenty of lime juice in the Margarita cocktail mixer and the spiciness of the Mezcal, you'll get to enjoy a delicious tart finish. You'll want to drink this cocktail all summer long...

Watch the recipe video here.

Espresso Martini

Let's make a classic Espresso Martini! This coffee cocktail is strong, sweet, and delicious with a creamy, foamy top and topped with coffee beans. It makes the perfect after-dinner drink after a big meal but is just as good to get the party started! Simply, grab your Espresso Martini cocktail mixer and get started!

Watch the recipe video here.

Fruit Tingle

Take a trip down memory lane with this colourful, candy-inspired cocktail. You'll love the fruity taste similar to the old tingle lollies and candy. We love whipping it up for New Years Eve!

All you need is your Fruit Tingle cocktail mixer to get started!

Watch the full recipe video here or below.

Mojito Cocktail

The Mojito is one of the world's most popular cocktails, and no wonder - it's delicious! This classic cocktail contains Bacardi white rum, fresh lime, young mint leaves, soda water, some crushed ice, and of course, Cashmere Syrups Mojito Cocktail Mix.

Watch it here or below for the full recipe video.

Strawberry Daiquiri 

It's officially happy hour with these easy strawberry daiquiris made with either frozen or fresh, sweet, in-season strawberries if you can find them. A little citrus juice really kicks the strawberry flavour up a notch and a bit of lemon-lime soda adds a hint of effervescence. Double or triple this recipe for a party and you'll never buy daiquiri mixes or canned, ready-made daiquiris again. Leave out the rum for a batch of the best strawberry-citrus mocktails around!

Watch the full video here.


Over To You

From all of us here at Cashmere Syrups, we hope you have a very Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year From Cashmere Syrups