How To Use Our Cocktail Mix Range At Home

How To Use Our Cocktail Mix Range At Home - Cashmere Syrups

Making cocktails has never been easier using Cashmere Syrups range of cocktail mixes

Each cocktail mix follows a similar set of instructions. 

These simple steps will assist you in using any of the cocktail mixes to make easy frozen cocktails;

  1. Mix 1 part of the desired cocktail mix with 5 parts crushed ice in a blender.
  2. Add the required alcohol to taste. We recommend 1 shot of alcohol to 1 shot of cocktail mix. 

         3. Blend the mixture until a smooth, icy consistency is achieved.

         4. Pour into your favourite cocktail glass, garnish, and enjoy! 

    For alcohol choice, we recommend:

    It is that easy! If you prefer chilled cocktails rather than frozen, feel free to add cold water and ice to a cocktail shaker instead. 

    Additional ingredients are optional, for example feel free to add some cream to your Piña Colada, or salt around the ring or your Margarita glass! 

    If you require further instructions, go to each product on our website, under the Cocktail Mixes section, where there will be detailed instructions for each individual flavour. 

    We hope this helps! 

    Kind regards,

    The Cashmere Syrups Team.