Usually Have Sugar In Your Coffee? Here’s Why You Should Use Coffee Syrups Instead.

Usually Have Sugar In Your Coffee? Here’s Why You Should Use Coffee Syrups Instead. - Cashmere Syrups

For the sweet tooths out there, the addition of a little heaped sugar into your morning coffee can seem like a no-brainer.

But what if we told you there was an exciting alternative that not only tastes amazing, but has a variety of different flavours available?

We are of course talking about our delicious, gourmet Coffee Syrups. 

Coffee Syrups are becoming more and more popular lately, likely due to their high versatility and endless possibilities you can create.

But that’s not the only reason - read on to find out why coffee syrups are a great alternative to plain sugar in your coffee. 

1. Same Sugar Content, More Interesting Taste

If you’re a “2 Sugars” guy or gal, switching to syrup might seem like a difficult ask. But if you’re tired of having the same thing day in, day out, it could be just what you need.



In fact, adding a flavoured syrup can completely change the taste of a coffee, giving you a refreshing change to your usual morning drink, while  providing no worse of a sugar increase than adding a couple of teaspoons of regular sugar.

With our extensive  range of flavours, there really is something for everyone, and you can mix it up every day!


2. Changing Up Your Morning Routine Is A Good Thing

Changing up your morning routine from time to time is a great way to rewire yourself and approach difficult tasks.

Whether it’s a subtle hint of Caramel, or the sweet texture of Vanilla, or a sweet, fruity addition of Turkish Delight, each and every morning can be a new adventure! 



Different flavours can also conjure up different emotions and feelings - much more so than just plain sugar.

For example, Caramel might add an element of comfort or relaxation to your drink, while an Irish Cream might feel warm and cozy on a cold winter’s morning.

What a perfect way to start your day! 


3. Coffee Syrups Are Waaay More Versatile!

Coffee syrups can also be used in a variety of other ways, they are not just limited to stirring in your coffee.

You can (and many of our customers do!) use coffee syrups as a cooking ingredient, an ice cream flavour, in cake icing, or even to add some flare in drinks such as iced teas or lemonade.



Sure, you might use plain sugar in baking or cooking, but rarely will it be the cause of inspiration for your delicious new creations.

Coffee Syrups are sweet and full of flavour. From Macadamia, to Salted Caramel, or even Butterscotch, the options are truly endless, allowing you to turn your coffee into whatever you desire.

What are you waiting for? Give it a go today!