Win Your Week #8 - Gratitude

Win Your Week #8 - Gratitude


We are now up to our 8th Win Your Week blog!

Needless to say, the feedback has been awesome:


“A huge THANK YOU...

Just reading something like this can make our days kick start more positively.” - Sharon


"Reading this was a breath of fresh air in itself this morning. Thank you for thinking outside the cashmere syrup box and helping people to enjoy the mornings.

I am motivated and ready to go. Better have a cup of coffee first!!" - Debbie 


Heaps of you said that you enjoyed the content and would like to see more.


Ultimately, we want to give you the tools to live your best life and find joy in the little things (and not just from delicious flavoured coffee or fancy cocktails ;) ).



It's not always easy to be able to find joy in some of the smaller things in life.


We think the best way to practice this is gratitude!


Thinking about what you're grateful for goes a long way in making your day better and improving your wellbeing.



Why Should You Practice Gratitude?

Consciously spending time focusing on what we are thankful for can have some amazing benefits - including some pretty surprising ones!


Here are just a few:



  1. Showing gratitude can improve existing friendships and create new ones.


A simple thank you to a stranger who holds the door or a co-worker who helped you on a project can go a long way.


Studies have shown that showing appreciation for another person creates positive feelings and strengthens existing relationships.


Pro Tip: Try taking some time to thank someone who has done something nice for you. See how they react!



  1. Showing gratitude can improve your physical health.


Believe it or not, showing more gratitude can actually improve your physical health. 


According to Forbes, studies showed people who showed gratitude had fewer aches and pains and reported feeling healthier than those who didn’t.


This is because showing gratitude puts you in a “caring” mindset, which can subconsciously help you to practice self-care as well.



  1. Showing gratitude can improve your mental health.


Practicing gratitude does a great job at reducing toxic emotions like frustration and jealousy.


This has really powerful flow-on effects, increasing overall happiness.


Pro Tip: Try keeping a gratitude journal or taking some time each day to think of something you are grateful for. See how you feel, both mentally and physically after a week!



  1. Grateful people sleep better. 


This one is hard to believe, but it’s true!


It comes down to having calmer thoughts and more positive emotions, because you are focusing on what you are grateful for, rather than worrying about what has gone on during the day or what will happen tomorrow.


Pro tip: Try spending 15 minutes before bed writing down what you are grateful for. This will also help reduce screen time before bed as an added bonus!



  1. Gratitude increases mental strength.


As well as improving mental health, gratitude can also improve mental strength and resilience.


Practicing gratitude can help us to appreciate what we have and foster resilience, even in difficult times (we’ve certainly all felt that this year!)


So as you can see, practicing gratitude can have a huge impact on your wellbeing.


But how do you actually practice gratitude?

There are lots of things you can try - all it comes down to is consciously spending some time and noticing what you are grateful for.


You could start a gratitude journal and write down things you are grateful for each night.

You could spend some time each morning working on gratitude by recording voice memos on your phone.

You could even combine it with a guided meditation - there are plenty of great videos on Youtube that show you how to do this.

And of course, the best way you can practice gratitude is by telling people you know that you are grateful for them.


We’ll start off:


We are SUPER grateful for our wonderful customers and community, for your continued kind words, support for our business and just for being awesome customers to have.


Have a great week!


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