Win Your Week #3 - Is Your Sleep Quality Poor?

Win Your Week #3 - Is Your Sleep Quality Poor?

Sleep is the most important part of productivity and wellbeing, most people will struggle to function without an adequate amount!

The fact of the matter is - most people aren't getting quality sleep, let alone the recommended amount of 7 to 9 hours a night.

You may also be significantly affecting your sleep quality and overall health by using your smartphone before bed. 

By cutting out screen time in the hour before bed, you will increase your sleep quality which will lead to you feeling better generally. 

Here’s why!


Your Phone Keeps Your Brain Engaged

Since the beginning of time the human brain has been wired to start switching off as it gets darker outside. 

By checking your phone you are technically refuelling your brain and telling it to stay awake and engaged. 

Using social media applications just before bed can keep your mind engaged for hours after you put your phone down, and can cause negative thoughts and feelings before sleep. 


Blue Light Suppresses Melatonin 

Blue Light is the artificial light that your smartphone gives off, and it mimics daylight. 

This can completely throw off your body clock and your circadian rhythm (which is in tune to light and dark). 

It suppresses your melatonin production, which is the hormone responsible for your sleeping cycle. 

According to scientific research this is detrimental to your sleep and your vision when it is time to wind down. 


You Can Heighten Your Emotions 

Being on your smartphone, particularly social media, can cause you to see a number of things. 

These things can trigger a variety of emotions which can prolong falling asleep. 

If you trigger an emotion, for example if you see something that makes you really happy or sad, this will make you take longer to fall asleep and subsequently prolong REM sleep. 

This is the root cause of all those times you’ve been lying in bed feeling completely wide awake. 

Scientists recommend that you set a night-time routine which involves closing off your phone at least 1 hour before bed. 

This isn’t always possible though, so if you do happen to wake up feeling drowsy it is best to just start your day with some caffeine and get moving! 


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