Win Your Week #10 - Why You Should Read

Win Your Week #10 - Why You Should Read

A lot of people genuinely LOVE reading - but it always seems to be the first thing that is sacrificed when they get busy.


It is a fantastic habit to simply put your phone/device down an hour before bed and pick up a book.


Forming this habit will completely transform the way you sleep among other benefits.


No doubt that this will be something you're keen to try too after reading about what it can do for you! 


It's very healthy to get immersed in your favourite stories, or reading something non-fictional to expand your knowledge horizons!


You’ll actually sleep better!


If you've read our previous win your weeks, you'll know how important a pre-bed routine can be.


Now some doctors have actually said that adding reading to your bedtime routine is amazing for your sleep!


Putting down your devices and picking up the old fashioned paper books is great for your circadian rhythm.


It has been shown that even reading elsewhere to your bedroom can also be better for falling asleep. 


It is a great way to keep your mind engaged!


Reading is shown to help age-related cognitive decline. 


Reading stimulating text will keep your mind engaged and continue to train your brain as you grow older. 


A study held in 2013 actually showed that people who’ve engaged in mentally stimulating activities all their lives were less likely to develop some symptoms associated with dementia, such as lesions, plaques and certain proteins found on the brains of people with this disease. 


So the earlier you pick up and maintain this habit, the better! 


Reading builds your vocabulary


Have you ever heard the saying “the rich get richer”? 


Well it's a saying as old as time, and it actually also applies to vocabulary!


It is definitely not a coincidence that the people who are most articulate in their reading and writing also probably read a lot! 


Research has shown that people who regularly read develop larger vocabularies, which has actually led to improved test scores and better job opportunities! 

So, what should you be reading? 




All reading is good reading. 


If you have a little more time, a novel in a genre that you like is a great place to start. 


Really immersing yourself in a scintillating story will make it easier for you to maintain the habit! 


You could also read biographies about your favourite people, or even just a book on some history you’re interested in. 


If you have a little less time, an interesting magazine article will do! 


So pick up a coffee (even add a little flavour from our coffee syrup range!) and a book, and get reading. 


If you’re an avid reader and feel like it has helped you, be sure to let us know!