The Extraordinary Power Of Scented Candles

The Extraordinary Power Of Scented Candles

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There are many ways to add little luxuries to our lives and ‘treat ourselves’.

Today we want to talk about one of our favourite ways to add a little bit of indulgence to our homes and level up our self-care routine - from the comfort of our couches!

This is by burning scented candles!

Candles have long been used through history, initially functioning to provide light for many civilisations. Candles have also been used to symbolise celebrations and define ceremonies, evolving to today’s application where they are used as a decorative accent or to sooth the senses and create ambiance.

Recent years have seen candles and scented candles in particular majorly grow in popularity and use and this is for a good reason. Candles have a plethora of uses and benefits.

Let’s jump into why we love candles!

Why We Love Candles At Cashmere Syrups

Candles can improve mood

Firstly, the presence of candles can ease emotions like stress and anxiety as well as increase our sense of calm and relaxation. It is for this reason that candles are often used by therapists such as massage therapists in their therapy rooms.

Amplify other routines

Burning a candle is a ritual in its own right but burning candles can also be a great addition to some of our other routines, especially when we consider the emotional benefits we discussed above. Burning a candle during a bath or before bed can be a great way to add soft light to our homes as well as adding some relaxing scents to the air. Similarly, lighting a candle can be a lovely addition to a practice like meditation, helping us relax into the right state of mind.

Add colour, softness, and style to your home.

In addition to their host of emotional and ritualistic benefits candle are also great home décor additions. Candles are a great finishing touch to any room of the house or office spaces. With many colours to choose from, candles can be reflective of any space to match any aesthetic or style, whether that be soft subtle colours to add a feminine touch or bold bright colours to really make an impact.

When we created Candles by Cashmere, we wanted to add a subtle pop of colour that is versatile enough to match any room and aesthetic! Check out the range here.

We love putting candles in our bathroom for a spa-like feel, the living room to make it cosy and calm and the kitchen to set up for intimate candlelit dinners.

A treat for the senses

With scented candles we can subtly add a wonderful but not too overpowering scent to our home. Interestingly, our sense of smell is also strongly tied with memory, so we can associate a specific scent with a moment or memory.

In addition to gorgeous smells, candles also create stunning visuals with their soft flickering flames.

Create ambiance and a relaxing atmosphere

Scented candles also instantly change the ambiance of any indoor or outdoor setting by adding light to any space without the harshness of a bright electric bulb. The soft flickering of candlelight creates a relaxing atmosphere and add a sense of warmth.

For example, lighting a few well-placed candles in our home can really add to the effect. Adding a candle here and there will create softness in a room, which will instantly make it feel warm and welcoming.

A note on candle quality

While candles can be majorly beneficial, not all candles are created equal!

The major contributor to the quality of a candle is the wax used.

The two most common waxes used are paraffin and soy wax. Paraffin wax has a higher melting point, which means it requires more heat to burn (affecting the life of the candle). With soy wax candles the melting point is lower, allowing for a longer burn time. Soy candles also have a stronger scent throw than paraffin wax candles and burn cleaner not producing excessive soot.

Our range of candles are Australian made, intensely fragrant, made on soy wax and are made from the highest quality ingredients.

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Over to you…

There are so many reasons to add candles to your self-care routine, place them around your home or give them as a gift to a friend of loved one. With an endless number of colours and scents available there is sure to be a candle out there for everyone! So why not treat yourself!

Now go ahead and WIN YOUR WEEK!